April Snow Day Survival Guide

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it’s APRIL and we have a snow day? I am torn between being excited about getting to stay at home and eager to get back into the classroom as I have so so many incredible things going on in my classroom this week. However, I’m using today as a day to set some personal goals, catch up on some educational reading and have a cozy day.

As for all you parents out there, I know that snow days or ice days (whatever we are going to call this crazy weather) is not always as calm and relaxing as we may hope for it to be. Often parents find themselves caught off guard and unprepared for the indoor day ahead. But, have no fear because I am here to give you some easy peasy suggestions that you can do with your kids today!

Here are ten fun things that you can do with your kids on a rainy/snowy day like this! 🙂

  1. DEAR time: This is my own personal favourite and involves very little resources. If you are able to drive and it is safe to do a fun outing would be to go to the local bookstore and pick out one new exciting book. This is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world. I love the feeling of picking out a new book, the thousands of options and the excitement of coming home and getting all cozy under a blanket to read. If going out is not an option, have them find a new book in the house that they are interested in reading. Spend 30 minutes having quiet reading time. PS. If you are not sure what DEAR time stands for, it means Drop Everything And Read! This is such a great practice to install in our children and to help them develop their love of reading.
  2. Kids love playing games! So why not set up a few indoor gross motor activities for them to play. As we all know, children are extremely active and when they are confined indoors, something you might find yourself going a little stir crazy. On a day where going outside is not an option, inside is always a great alternative. Working on children gross motor movement is also extremely beneficial for their overall development. Here is a resource that has tons of ideas on how to keep your kids active and having fun while staying dry inside! Click here.
  3. Cooking or baking is another wonderful thing to do with your children on a day you are stuck inside. I love trying new recipes and always loved when my mom used to bake with me when I was little. This is also a great opportunity to tie in a learning component. Incorporating discussions on measuring, and learning the difference between one cup of flour and 1/4 cups is great learning for the early years. Here are a few recipes that your children can cook alongside you and will gobble up afterwards. Click here.
  4. Art and crafts are always a favourite but you can really amp it up on a rainy day. Having all day long will give you all the time you need to accomplish a big project with your kids. STEAM is a hot topic in education right now and is an ongoing inquiry in schools. Why not bring it into your own home and explore something you may not have thought to try with your children before. Take a look at a few examples here to try with your children 🙂 Click here
  5. Plan a yoga/meditation practice with your children. One of the special things about staying home is having that extra cuddling time. Yoga is particularly incredible as it can strengthen a bond between parent and child and is a beautiful way to breath, move and be mindful together. I love the Love Powered affirmation cards and is something I plan to incorporate into my classroom. Try a few poses, breathing and affirmations to find balance and peace in your day with your children. To learn more about the Love Powered Little’s affirmation cards Click here


As always if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out at jojomluel@gmail.com 🙂










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